Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I define my desires until I attain my goals, and know I will accomplish them aided by my Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. My ability to create what I want is endless in all aspects of my life, to include robust health, increasing material gain and money, joyous love, and expanding creativity and productivity. I acknowledge this as provided by the Creative Power of the Universe, and I accept it all without limitation, hesitation, or reservation of mind. I continue to develop my mastery of Self-Revealization Acceptance reality facilitations and learn that the more I focus and give of myself and stay true to course, the easier attainment becomes. I experience what I want for the benefit of all concerned, with me as the primary recipient of all good, and connect with those who would be in alignment of my ideals and allow me to ascend to higher levels of creativity empowered in me, as me, and through me by the Spirit of the Thing Itself. Increased clarity and fullness of purpose in my thinking and living continues to expand. Knowing I am forever creative, I readily accept change based on new opportunities to enhance my life in all matters. The Creative Power of the Universe constantly guides me and accords me creative awareness of my destiny, thoughts, intelligent choices, and desires. My evolving consciousness points me in the right direction as it reveals whatever I desire to know and experience. I continue to praise the Creative Power of the Universe for exceptional accomplishment in my creative life and with abundant gratitude, I thank IT, knowing my thankfulness and appreciation enables ever greater creativity in me to flourish as me, and through me, and I am forever creative.


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