Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I demand to live in perfect health, in every part of my physical and mental being. I declare from this moment that nothing and no-thing causes anxiety or stress to interfere with my robust and radiant health. The Spirit of the Thing Itself of superb health reveals what is required for me to maintain this perfect harmony. I monitor my diet and maintain correct weight by eating proper foods and receiving complete nourishment. Clarity of thought empowers me to maintain a disease and dis-ease free life. My joints are flexible, my ducts are clear, my muscles toned, my bones are strong, my blood pressure is normal, and my heart rate is balanced. I deny authority to anything that would interfere with my life. I walk upright with good posture and a positive step, and I am free from the use of any form of mind-altering drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. By the authority of this Self-Revealization Acceptance reality facilitation, any error in judgment or consciousness concerning my health is without authority in body and mind. I exercise in accord with my ability, and my mindset permits me to keep all aspects of my body in line with a realistic physical expression. Knowing the Spirit of the Thing Itself immediately responds to my desire for a superb physical condition and appearance, I accept in fullness the marvelous vision I behold empowering me to experience my Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. I maintain my inner peace, calm, and gratitude as I give profound thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe, with complete gladness of heart, soul, and spirit. My health is superb.


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