Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I think about what I have accomplished in my life and gladly celebrate my successes. This intelligent attitude empowers me to perceive my future, and I demand to experience and enjoy most of what I desire. I refine my visions and forgive myself for past errors in judgment, determined to live my life by my Divine and Earthly Right to live in Joy and Freedom to accomplish my goals. This personal truth fills my being with great energy to make my days free of worry or stress about anything or anyone that might interfere with my creativity. I focus on clear visions of what I want to experience through clarity of thinking and clarity of purpose. I permit the Spirit of the Thing Itself to deliver my desires with ease and grace as I continue to develop my Self-Revealization Acceptance reality facilitation skills to empower me to maintain my life. With proper nutrition, sincere friends, robust health, and secure finances, making changes where and when necessary, I correct conditions contrary to my beliefs. With an attitude of wholesome living and an acceptance of constantly renewed visions of what I want, I define my life and reject limiting influences by denying authority to any form of negative sentiment and manipulative grace. I join with people who come into my life to enhance mutual harmony and ascension to higher consciousness. Negativity in any way, shape, or form is instantly denied authority, and I eliminate it from my thought and experience. Continuous revealizations productively unfold as I proceed to my ultimate destiny by reinventing myself, when I decide it is necessary, and I maintain a healthy balance with my desires for the benefit of all concerned, with me as the primary recipient of good. The authority of this word is immediately accepted and made real by the marvelous power of the Spirit of the Thing Itself so Named as I give complete and total thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for the ability to define my life with enhanced visions.


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