Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I accept responsibility to enter a new level of consciousness that propels me into incredibly wonderful experiences, those I have always longed for. I permit no guilt, fear, negative sentiment, manipulative grace, or retribution to interfere with the intensity of my desires as I approach and accept new realities. New ideas open that I may have glimpsed but did not pursue for whatever reasons, and new understanding of my powers surface as I enter into new worlds filled with wonder and opportunity for me to discover aspects of myself that have been lying dormant. I now act on with thoughts and feelings that open my mind and heart and my soul is free for new experiences to enhance my Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. The Spirit of the Thing Itself reveals ITS faith OF me, and I gladly accept this profound revealization. I ascend to higher levels of personal consciousness, with free will, and have no worries about burning my bridges behind me, and I do so without fear, knowing my heart and mind continuously prepare me to ascend. I move ahead as new doors open for me, and I make decisions to accept new realities, without prejudice about what I think it should be. I step through without concern, knowing that as I enter new worlds, I let my life fill with confidence to succeed. I am in complete harmony with the Spirit of the Thing Itself as I accept, in fullness and with ease and grace, my glorious new bounty. By means of thinking of ever-enlarging Self-Revealization Acceptance reality facilitations, my soul soars as I ascend to new heights of understanding the wisdom of the Creative Power of the Universe, and I glory in the expectation of what I will now accomplish as being more than what I have ever done. I forgive myself for any past errors in judgment that have kept me from acknowledging this understanding and appreciation of myself, and I accept that I am ready to welcome a marvelous new ascension of my soul. I give unending thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe, knowing full well that I am worthy of receiving these wonderful gifts. My soul is free!


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