Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I demand that my finances are now and always will be in accordance with my needs. All I need and desire is in place, with wholeness and completeness, by the authority of my word. I back my financial responsibilities with correct thinking regarding my money, and I do not permit myself to become indebted. I live within my means and remain focused on my work. I guard myself against frivolous expenses that can interfere with my pleasure and quality of life. I think with clarity of the financial universe I want, knowing that whatever I demand for my success and empowerment is at my command in perfect time and place. I declare to the Spirit of the Thing Itself that I sustain myself as gainfully employed and earn what I need to keep me financially sound. I express my life by my Divine and Earthly Right to live in Joy and Freedom, with no restriction or delay in any condition regarding money, and I treat myself accordingly with gifts to enhance my growing lifestyle. I consciously develop correct Self-Revealization Acceptance reality facilitations for any project with the right words and actions in my definitions to guarantee delivery of my desires, with all financial rewards in place to ensure my success. I meet my obligations on time, my bills are paid; I have money for my needs, and always have food on my table. I am charitable to those in true need as I define my world and share my good fortune for the benefit of all concerned, with myself as the primary recipient of all good. With gratitude, I give unlimited thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for the ability to earn my livelihood with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of self-acceptance. I maintain myself financially sound.


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