Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I dedicate the work I do and the belief that what I do for the benefit of all concerned increases my value to the Creative Power of the Universe and the world. The faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself allows me to explore new avenues of thought and ideas previously untapped, with clarity of thought and clarity of purpose. As new universes open before me. I am inspired with a free mind and higher levels of creativity and integrity to do work that is more productive. Through productive and continuously renewed faith in all I do, I define my work without restriction, impediment, or reservation of mind. I live my life filled with thoughts of lavishness, lotsness, and limitlessness as the order of my day. My attitude eliminates any non-productive ideas of limitation, lack, or loss as I abolish negative sentiment and manipulative grace by the authority of my word and provide more input for the accomplishments I seek. I demand of myself to be productive and take great pleasure in seeing the fruits of my labors produce results for the benefit of all concerned, with myself as the primary recipient of good. My trust in myself continues to grow, resulting in an expanding conscious awareness of my work to include the skills I need to enhance my life. My Self-Revealization Acceptance reality facilitations become more effective and pronounced with carefully chosen words that empower me to expect in perfection, the results I want. This gift of the Spirit of the Thing Itself and its expression OF Its faith in me, as me, and through me enables my Divine and Earthly Right to live in Joy and Freedom as ongoing expansion as I develop more intuitive self-trust and further the integrity of my work. For this great self-revealization, I give ultimate thanks, with profound gratitude, as I acknowledge the gifts of the Creative Power of the Universe in all I do as It reveals more faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself in me, as me, and through me, with ever increasing power and productive faith.


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