Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I accept my life as filled with abundance in all I do and in all I endeavor to accomplish. I accept, in completeness, deliverance of all good by my thoughts revealed through the Spirit of the Thing Itself. I deny authority for and to anything less than perfection proclaimed and demanded by my Self-Revealization Acceptances reality facilitations. I know what my purpose in life is, and I empower myself to happily open my coffers to take in the great bounty of rewards that flow in abundance and constantly increase. I know abundance comes in all forms and I ensure my thoughts of accomplishment to include a negation of ideas that can interfere with my success and My Divine and Earthly Right to live in Joy and Freedom. I remain free to give of myself, without restriction, hesitation, or reservation of mind to those able to accept my good bounty for the benefit of all concerned, with me as the prime recipient of good, knowing that the more I give, the more I receive in return. I accept my abundance as a direct gift from the Creative Power of the Universe in Its desire to fulfill Itself. I define unlimited abundance of all good in my life as excellent health, financial well-being, creativity in my endeavors, integrity and emotional stability in all all of my relationships. I depend completely on knowing that abundance comes to me through the Spirit of the Thing Itself,andI deny any false authority as I accomplish wonderful results in the work I have chosen to do. My thoughts are pure, my enriched desires flourish, and I accept complete abundance of good gifts and joy in my life, without limit. I give complete and total thanks with abundant praise to the Creative Power of the Universe, with everlasting self-acceptance that all is good, and all good is abundant in my life.


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