Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


The Creative Power of the Universe manifests the world I desire as the Spirit of the Thing Itself enhances my rebirth. My energy, wisdom, intelligence, and awareness of the essentials in my life are now reborn; my spirit is renewed. It empowers my ascension to new levels of consciousness and self-awareness, increased levels of productivity and accomplishment, and higher levels of prosperity and wealth. I accept the power of the words of this Self-Revealization Acceptance reality facilitation to elevate me into higher realms of universal, beneficial experience and happiness more than I have ever known; I employ correct action to create the environment necessary to fulfill myself. With ease and grace, the Spirit of the Thing Itself of my word facilitates my new reality in me, as me, and through me, with no restriction or delay. The life force healing energy of the Creative Power of the Universe fills my body and soul in completeness, ever growing, as I accept and know full vitality in all things and endeavors. I declare myself ascended and live my life by my Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom, choosing to do so now without obstacle, encumbrance, or negative affliction. Clarity of thought and clarity of purpose define my true goals and desires and I live them as done; I permit nothing to divert or distract me from focusing on my visions. I enjoy success in all I do free from depression, fear, anxiety, confusion, guilt, frustration, or any physical, emotional, or psychological impediment. All personal negativity, destructive tendencies, and dysfunction is denied authority in my life. I experience joy, pleasure, and good health: mentally, physically, emotionally, and psychically; all is in order, and all is in place, now. By the power of this Self-Revealization Acceptance, I declare myself free of negative sentiment and manipulative grace; my mind and body is healed and cleared of all anomalies and stays that way; my soul is unencumbered. Acceptance of this reality of my rebirth compels and directs me to take action to bring about all I desire in all aspects of my material and spiritual life. I thank the Creative Power of the Universe, that I am, for the ability to choose and accept my newness of life. By and for my Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom, I am reborn.

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