Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


The scope of my accomplishments amazes me, and what I have created for my own good with my life astonishes me. I am now ready to accept ever more fulfillment, in all areas of my life, encompassing true love, creative expression, personal health, and sound finances as part of my Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. I keep myself focused on accomplishments that identify me as an individual, keeping my visions and ideas to myself while guarding my thoughts, at all times, and I maintain correct presence of mind to ensure my success in all of my endeavors. Self-Revealization Acceptance of my ability to do all of this empowers me to recreate myself and to negate the authority of all past errors, replacing any erroneous thoughts with productive reality facilitation. By doing so, I move ahead with new dreams and desires, with astonishing simplicity, and release any erroneous authority I have given to any past limiting conditions based on negative sentiment and manipulative grace from myself or others. With the power of Self-Revealization Acceptance, I replace old ideas with a renewed sense of harmony, progress, and self-evolution. The Faith OF the Spirit of the Thing Itself delivers my newness with ease and grace and I do not fear retribution from any source including my own self. My expanding clarity of thinking and clarity of purpose reinforced by my powerful belief in my desires unfolds in ever greater abundance, in all aspects of my life. I carefully contemplate the effects of my new thoughts and constantly reinforce my new reality for the benefit of all concerned with me as the primary recipient of all good. I revel in the mission set before me to enjoy all there is to life that I desire to experience. Nothing and no-thing interferes with my reality as I move forward this day and everyday to accept in perfect accord all the good there is. I am astonished that I am this fortunate to know myself and to create my universe as I see fit. I give complete and sincere thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for all I have accepted from and for myself.


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