Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


My body, mind, and spirit are complete expressions of the life I desire to live. I continue to develop my sense of self-awareness that allows me to instantly identify and neutralize any cause of disease or dis-ease in any form of physical pain, emotional stress, or psychic discomfort. I identify any aspect of such condition and use Self-Revealization Acceptance to immediately negate and deny it of any authority, instantly replacing it with harmonious healing thoughts and actions. From this moment forward, with no restriction, delay, or reservation of mind, I declare all negative conditions in my life as inoperative. By conscious acceptance of healing in perfection, I remove any condition of pain or discomfort from my life, here and now. I demand healing and the Spirit of the Thing Itself takes immediate action. I accept my healing as an immediate reality facilitation of my renewed self as manifested by the Creative Power of the Universe. Without hesitation, the healing needed to maintain and sustain me is alive in me, as me, and through me to live my life by my Divine and Earthly Right to live in Joy and Freedom. I accept the words of this Self-Revealization Acceptance as absolute truth and accept that I no longer accept any restriction or impediment to my health in any form. I demand my organs and limbs function in perfection, my juices flow without restriction or impediment, and I suffer no disease or dis-ease. My body, mind, and spirit immediately respond to my demand for painless living. As I speak true words, the Spirit of the Thing Itself immediately delivers the results to me. By my conviction, I consciously eliminate all negative influences from my life and declare myself free from any distraction to my peace of mind and harmony with the world. My life is secure and with absoluteness, I release any form of pain in body, mind, and spirit; I accept these words as truth of perfection; they remain with me as my true desire. I give complete thanks with gratitude to the Creative Power of the Universe and acknowledge the truth of this Self-Revealization Acceptance as I accept the cessation of all pain in completeness and declare, I am now whole with ease and grace as all pain and discomfort dissolve into nothingness.


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