Self-Revealization Acceptance®

Health and Wellness to Bring About Personal Happiness


I decide to move ahead in highest self-conscious awareness focused on my true desires. My self-esteem enables me to perceive high levels of accomplishment as I decide on the best examples for me to follow, I do not fear making decisions, and I do not permit any lack of courage to interfere with my thoughts. I ascend to new heights of personal glory and self-acceptance; I maintain my thinking to accommodate new ideas accepted in fullness that empowers my new thoughts to manifest with ease and grace and when comfortable adopt them to my way of being. Knowing this newness as a truth, I accept my great bounty as a direct extension of the Spirit of the Thing Itself to make it more functional and to empower my decisions to focus on higher achievement. I declare the truth and effect of this Self-Revealization Acceptance as instant, put into action here and now, accordingly. My decisions, the words I speak are true; they do not and will not change for the convenience of others. I witness my desires made tangible in perfect reality based on clarity of thought and clarity of purpose as I continue to focus on awareness and decide my life is a whole and complete expression of my Divine and Earthly Right to Live in Joy and Freedom. My decisions empower me to give of myself for the benefit of all concerned. I give profound thanks to the Creative Power of the Universe for the ability to think in this intelligent way and to bring into my life the decisions necessary to maintain my true desire for happiness and success.


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